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For all things Jem and The Holograms and focussing on Custom Jem dolls. I also create custom Blythe dolls and make glittery Jem and Blythe dolls shoes for my customers around the globe

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Customised by Jemgirl

Here I present a most special piece of Jem in a custom world of a 35th Anniversary Jem! This doll was requested by one of my wonderful customers, where we collaborated ideas together for a mix of the cartoon style of Jem mixed with some doll elements to create a doll to become a 35th anniversary Jem, as yes it's now more than 35 years since the Jem cartoon series aired on tv. So for any of those kids that grew up in the 80's who loved watching Jem on tv and possibly still do to this day, here is the ultimate 35th Anniversary Jem.

Custom Jem Doll


Glittery Blythe Doll Shoes

Buy Blythe shoes on Etsy

Here is the place to see and buy glittery shoes for your Blythe dolls. As I make custom resin glittery and shimmery shoes for Takara Blythe dolls. I sell these on etsy and usually have a number of pairs in stock and can also take custom orders. These shoes look so pretty and add so much to a Blythe doll fashion for something truly unique. They are very well made, one at a time by hand with silicone molds. And cast in high quality resin. So let your Blythe dolls shine and glitter in their custom glittery Jemgirl shoes.


Custom Blythe Doll

Custom Blythe doll by Jemgirl

It's not only custom Jem dolls that I create, I also create custom Blythe dolls. Here is one of my favourite called Fairy Bella Blythe who I fully made over with some face carving changes, full face up with those amazing rainbow eyelids, new blue mohair re-root and the sweetest fashion and of course custom shoes. I will be creating some new one of a kind custom Blythe dolls that will be featured in my etsy store with elaborate face painting details that represent that colourful Jemgirl style.

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